The breasts are another sensitive area and another sensitive issue for many women. Even though this unwanted hair often remains hidden from view, women know it’s there, and their self-confidence suffers as a result. If this sounds like you, laser hair removal may be able to help. 


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What is Breast Hair Removal?

Breast hair removal targets unwanted hair on the breasts, removing it with pulsating beams of laser light, leaving smooth, soft skin on the breasts that restores confidence and leaves ladies with smooth, sexy skin.

The Finger Lakes Medical Aesthetics team is proud to offer the exclusive ExpressLaze Laser Hair Removal System in Syracuse NY, which is backed by a 3-year guarantee and lifetime membership.

ExpressLaze Laser Hair Removal is Gentle, Safe, Fast, Effective AND Guaranteed! If you’re looking for a medically-owned, cosmetic surgeon supervised, local laser center to provide laser hair removal of the face and body, Finger Lakes Medical Aesthetics is an excellent choice.


Am I a Candidate for Breast Hair Removal?

If you suffer from unwanted hair on the breasts that you struggle with both emotionally and physically, you are likely a great candidate for breast hair removal.


Benefits of Breast Hair Removal

The benefits of breast hair removal include a return of confidence in your body with smooth, soft, silky skin on your breasts – just as they should be.


How is Breast Hair Removal Performed?

The pigment of any unwanted hair on the breasts attract the pulsing beams of the light, and you are no longer subjected to painful waxing or plucking. Laser light damages the follicle to end or slow hair growth in the area.


How Long Do the Results Last?

It is unlikely you will need to return for a second treatment for breast hair removal.


How Much Does Breast Hair Removal Cost?

Dr. Halliday will discuss costs with you during your consultation. We accept all forms of payment that include cash, check and credit card. CareCredit financing is also available.