Laser hair removal is a procedure that removes unwanted body hair with the use of an intense beam of laser light. The heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, prohibiting future growth and giving way to smoother, more sumptuous skin. Laser hair removal can be an effective and long-lasting means of hair removal.

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Facial Hair Removal



Body Hair Removal

abdomen & tummy  /  arm  /  back  /  bikini line  /  brazilian  /  breast  /  buttocks  /  chest  /  female pubic  /  leg  /  shoulder  /  toes & feet  /  underarm


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Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

Before proceeding with any hair removal procedure, clients are sometimes nervous and often have several questions. Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions regarding laser hair removal procedures.

1. How old is laser hair removal technology?

Lasers have been in use in medicine for more than 50 years – since 1961. Laser hair removal has been a common technique for roughly 15 years.


2. Are there any risks that come with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a quick procedure for almost everyone. Many clients opt to come in on their lunch hour and return to work right after it’s over. There is no recovery time. We have an informed consent that explains everything about the procedure, but the risks are very low considering everyone can return to work and play as soon as their procedure ends.


3. Are there age limits for laser hair removal clients?

Yes. We do not currently treat anyone under 13 years of age.


4. Is laser hair removal painful?

The most common comparison we’ve heard from patients is that they’re reminded of the feeling that comes from a rubber band snapping against the skin during their procedure. Compared to waxing, there is very little discomfort although we understand that everyone’s pain tolerance is different.


5. Will laser hair removal work on darker skin?

Absolutely. We have a laser for dark skin and a laser for light skin. The wavelength of the laser safely bypasses the skin itself, targeting the hair.


6. Do I need to be worried about radiation against my skin?

No. There are two types of radiation: non-iodizing and iodizing. Hair removal lasers produce non-iodizing radiation, which is the simple radiation produced by light. The treatment is FDA approved.


7. What are the most popular areas for laser hair removal?

The most popular areas are typically female facial hair and bikini line hair, and back hair for men.


8. What is the cost of laser hair removal?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on the type of treatment you select. It is hard to provide a price range or estimate since the treatment options are so diverse. We will discuss price in your consultation.


9. How long does the treatment take?

Treating smaller areas of the body, like underarms, can be done as quickly as 5 minutes. For larger areas of the body, like legs or arms, the procedure can take 30 minutes.